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Useful sites

  • SunSolve - Just about any official information you'd want to know about Sun hardware or software support issues could be found here. Now it just takes you to a page with Oracle all over it.
  • SunHelp - News and information covering the whole spectrum of what a Sun user/tinkerer wants to know

Sun3 Resources

While the content here long predates even the term, "enterprise computing," it is an important part of our history nonetheless. I am providing it to help guide tinkerers of older systems, that are still quite interesting to work with.

  • Peter's Sun3 Zoo - Invaluable information resource for those tinkering with older Sun3 class machines
  • Sun3 archive mirror - If you need SunOS to run on that old Sun3, this is the place to get it. I'm providing this mirror so the content doesn't fade into oblivion, since the main hobbyist archive has not been very reliable these days.
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