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What is Enterprise Computing?

The term is most often used to refer to the computer infrastructure present in large companies. These days, when looking at high end computer hardware, one often sees the term “enterprise” tacked onto the big and expensive stuff. Enterprise computing traditionally involves elements such as redundancy, scalability, fault-tolerance, interoperability, integration, and countless more buzzwords that I can’t think up at the moment.

Who are you guys?

Well, we started as a couple of freaks with personal collections of computer hardware that would cause most people look at us funny. Basically, we each have far too much experience with diverse collections of computer hardware, and also seek to posses a quantity of it. Oh, and we use the term PeeCee to describe that Intel-based thing many of you have, and that doesn’t mean we’re Mac users.

What is “Household” Enterprise Computing?

Well, we certainly can’t afford expensive high-end computer equipment on our meager personal budgets. However, we feel that enterprise computing defines a certain level of makeup among one’s computer hardware. It what you have and how you use it, not how much money you spent. We strive to have many of the elements usually only found in the corporate environment, but in our own homes. This includes multiple platforms, high-end computers (where high-end describes the nature of the machine, not it’s age or speed), fancy networking setups, rackmounting, et cetera.

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